Save Money on Your Contract by Trading Your Old Phone

If you are looking forward to buying a new mobile phone but you are a little tight for cash, you may consider saving money on your new mobile contract by recycling your old cell phone. You may come up with the required amount of money by selling your old device.

Statistics show that at least 60 percent of adults own more than one cell phone. A mobile recycling company such as Sell My Mobile will pay you to turn in any older mobile phones that you may be having. Whether it is a Samsung mobile, HTC, or an iPhone 7, you will get some cash on it through recycling.

The amount of money you get will depend on how old the mobile phone is and its condition. Below are some tips on how you can save money on a new phone by recycling your old handset.

How much money can you get on your old handset?

The general condition of your cell phone will determine how much the recycling company is willing to pay you. If your handset is in a relatively good condition, then you can easily get a fair price for it.

For example, a 64GB iPhone 7 will give an average of £350 if it is still in good condition. If you are recycling a broken mobile or a dysfunctional one, the prices will fall drastically to around £60 for the same iPhone 7.

Newer handsets tend to fetch more compared to the old mobile phones. For example, if you are recycling Samsung Galaxy S8 which was released earlier this year, you may get as much as £430 through some recycling companies which is almost half the price of a new handset.

However, older mobile models tend to have a lowered value. For example, recycling a 64GB LG GS will give approximately £130 which is far lower than the price of a new LG GS mobile phone.

Remember to secure your data before you send off your old phone

Before you send your old handset to the recycling company, make sure that your data is well protected. Follow the tips outlined below to secure your data before you send off your mobile phone.

  • Backup all your data

Sometimes you may want to keep files such as photos, crucial documents, and music. You will have to transfer anything that is stored on your handset to a removable SD card. Alternatively, you backup the files by storing them online to the clouds. Be sure to check with the customer service of your mobile brand about cloud solutions offered before you start your back up the process.

  • Remove the memory card and the SIM card

After backing up all your data, remove the memory card and the SIM card from the handset. Disconnecting your call service is not sufficient since some contacts and other critical data may be stored on the SIM card. Do not send the handset to the recycling company with the SIM card attached even if you do not want to use it anymore.

  • Factory reset the mobile phone

Once you are confident that you have saved everything from the handset, wipe your mobile phone by performing a factory reset. It is advisable that you encrypt your handset first before performing the factory reset.

If you need more money, consider selling your old phone on eBay Store

Recycling companies are not the only option that you have if you want to cash in on your old mobile phone. Alternatively, you can post your old phone on eBay and increase the amount of money you will earn by at least 20 percent.

eBay goes an extra mile of telling you how much your phone should sell. Simply search for a similar handset with same conditions and you will be having a fair price range for your old handset. However, you will need to be patient before you get someone who will buy your old mobile phone if you are selling it through eBay.

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