Ten Business Ideas With Low Investment

Last year, startup formation in the United Kingdom increased by 4.6%, with more than 608,000 new companies started in 2015, compared to around 580,000 started in 2014, according to Companies House Data, gathered and analyzed by the CFE (Centre for Entrepreneurs). These numbers are hardly surprising, because people no longer need the huge financial backing in order to start a business; what’s more, people do not even need original ideas. Nowadays, you could start your own company tomorrow and make by next month.business ideas

1. UX Designer

Let’s start the list with something most entrepreneurs are probably not familiar with – user experience (UX) designer. Basically, UX designers are the people who make sure that a website or an app is visually pleasing, intuitive, and of course, user friendly. While London designers make slightly less than the ones in San Francisco and New York, still make more than £60,000, and are amongst the highest-paid designers in the world, according to statistics compiled by Hanno’s Logbook.

2. Event Management

Event planning is not reserved only for weddings; the special events industry has grown enormously over the past ten years. Dr. Joe Goldblatt, the co-author of The International Dictionary of Event Management, estimates that the event management industry brings in more than 500 billion dollars on a global scale, every year. The job requires you to find a site for the event, plan transport, send invitations and supervise at the site.

3. Catering Services

If event management isn’t your thing, there still is room in the event industry for you. The Business Visits & Events Partnership reports that there are 1.3 million business events held in England annually, and every single last one of them requires catering. If you have a background in food preparation, this job will give you a chance to work more flexibly and independently than you would be able in a restaurant. Starting salaries for catering managers are somewhere between £20,000 and £50,000 per year in the UK, and with expertise, the payment could rise to £45,000, according to the National Careers Service.

4. Photographer

Photography is an extremely popular hobby, and if you have some creative photography chops, then opening a business might be the right thing for you. While a degree is considered an advantage, it is possible to get into this profession without one; moreover, a recent Kiplinger study named the photography degree as one of the ten most useless college degrees. The working hours and salaries are somewhat unpredictable; according to Prospects, the earnings vary from £25,000 to £65,000 per year.

5. Personal Trainer

Even though Britain is in the grip of an obesity crisis, more and more people are joining the gym than ever before. The IBISWorld informs that more than 8 million are now gym members, and new members are increasingly investing in personal trainers. According to Discovery UK, independent trainers earn around £40,000 to £60,000 a year, but the demand for high-quality trainers is so big, that some clients are willing to pay up to £1,000 per hour for a professional training session.

6. Landscaping Company

If you do not mind getting your hands dirty and possesses the basic level of creativity, you will probably enjoy garden landscaping. However, there is more the job than weeding; you will at least have to learn the basics of paving, draining, decking and groundsmanship. According Horticultural Trade Association’s statistics, the landscaping industry employs around 60.000 people in the UK, has an annual turnover of £5 billion. Running a landscaping company offers plenty of exercise and fresh air, in addition to a £50,000 annual salary (as reported by Bespoke Careers).

7. Interior Design

To get started as an interior designer, all you need are basic cutting and sewing skills, and if you want to start a one-person operation, it may be enough to have an eye for color. The earnings vary according to the size of the room and material, and you might earn around £20 per hour in the beginning, but the prospects for growth are enormous. In fact, according to a recent report from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, creative industries are the fastest-growing sector in the United Kingdom, and bring in more than £70 billion per year.

8. eBay Business

If you are in search of a business that you can get off the ground in a matter of weeks without spending a ton of money, we may have what you are looking for. Starting an eBay business grants you the chance to reach both the national and the international market, and you get to choose between auctioning goods and selling them at a fixed price. You will have to pay £19.99 per month as a subscription (£59.99 for a featured shop), and you will have to find goods that cannot be bought elsewhere. For some, it is a source of pin-money, for others; however, it is a full-time job. Just look at Nasty Gal – six years after starting to sell vintage clothing on the site, it is now a £60 million business.

9. Day Care

Maybe you are living in a three-bedroom apartment and there is an extra room unoccupied, or perhaps, you have children of your own and the idea of taking care of a few more for a couple hours per day appeals to you. Whatever the case, while this job might be more demanding than the others on the list, it is also one of the most lucrative ones. Profits estimated for the first of the year are around £88,000, and are also forecasted to increase by 7-8% every year, according to research conducted by the professional business planning company, Tentric.

10. IT Support and Repair

Practically everyone has hired or used an IT technician at some point, and if you are the go-to person when one of your friends accidentally downloads a virus, you should start perfecting your skills immediately and set up shop as soon as you can. Obviously, you are going to need your own computer and a basic toolkit that includes screwdrivers, socket sets and earthling straps and this will send you back no more than £200. However, the earnings are far from perfect; as a matter of fact, according to statistics provided by TotalJobs, an average IT support worker earn only around £27,000 per year.

What About Business Expansion?

Expanding a business is certainly not an easy job; you have to have the right amount of money, and your timing has to be perfect. Some small-company owners are content with the size of their operation, while others think that the advantages of a business expansion outweigh the disadvantages. If you are planning to develop your company, you have to think about the potential obstacles, and if needed, hire an adviser Furthermore, software companies such as NSM Engineering are offering development services, in addition to software expertise to their customers.

When it comes to managing a micro-company, some owners are worried that clients won’t take their business seriously because they are running a one-man-operation. However, this cannot be further from the truth; according to a 2014 Business Population Statistics report, there were around 330,000 of new business that year, and 76% of those businesses were run by solo traders. Furthermore, the report also stated that self-employment has been the main driver of the business population since 2000, and remains so to this day.


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